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Create Your Will Kit account

Create your account

To start creating your Legal Will, you will need to firstly set up your account. This will allow you to receive emails and log back in to your Will management console at a later date. After becoming a registered user you can revisit your account at any point during your Will creation process should you stop or need to consider a question.

Complete the Online Form

This step is where you begin creating your Will Document. During this process you will be asked a series of simple questions. If you get stuck, don't worry, there are helpful tips and explanations along the way.

Completing your Online Questionaire
Follow your execution instructions to complete your will kit

Sign and Execute your Will

When you have completed and paid for your Will Kit, you will be able to either download your documents from your online dashboard or retrieve them from the automatic email sent to your registered email address. Make sure that you print off all of your documents and follow our easy to understand signing and execution guide to ensure that your Will is legally valid.

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to have your Legal Will completed, its that easy.
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