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    100% Aussie. Recognised, Owned & Operated

    Our Will templates have been drafted by Australian Lawyers for Australians. They are compliant with the jurisdictional requirements of each State and Territory of Australia to ensure that the your documents create a Legally Binding Will.

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    It is the simplicity of our Will templates which sets them apart from other providers. This website will not befuddle you with science, we simply provide a platform for you to record, in a legally binding way, your wishes as to the disposal of your assets.

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    Online Portal

    We’re online, its easy! When you have drafted your legally binding Will our website will not only email a copy of the Will to you, but you will also be given access to our secure “Will Portal” allowing you to edit and change your Will for periods of up to 7 days, 60 days and 365 days.

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    Trusted Support Team

    Dedicated online support is available to you should you have any questions that need answered. Our quality service consultants are all Australian based and willing to assist you with your needs. The only thing we can't offer is legal and financial advice. You can contact us online by sending through a support email.

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    Speedy Process

    Our Online Will templates allow you to create your Legal Will from the comfort of your own home within approximately 15 minutes. Our interactive form will assist you throughout the process making it simple, convenient, and hassle free. We also engage the latest local server and coding technologies to ensure a fast reliable website.

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    Secure Encrypted Data

    We use the latest 256-bit SSL certified encryptions to protect your data from online predators. This not only protects your credit card details but also your private information such as your email address and phone number. We love the fact that our customers can feel safe with the knowledge that we have them protected.

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    Cost Effective

    We began developing the online Will Kit with the specific idea to produce a cost effective method for the everyday Australian to obtain a Legally Binding Will. For this very reason you can buy one of our Will Kits starting from as little as $20.00 (including GST), no strings attached.

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    Solicitor Drafted Templates

    All of our Will templates have been drafted by experienced Australian Wills and Estate Lawyers. Our systems software has been fully audited by our Lawyers to ensure that the templates provide a platform to create a Legally Binding Will.

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